Danduct Clean has the world largest training facilities exclusively for ductcleaning
Danduct Clean offer complete training in duct cleaning no matter what your level of experience in duct cleaning is. During the duct cleaning training at Danduct Clean you will learn all about the aspects of duct cleaning from A-Z. You will learn all about how to plan an perform a duct cleaning project. Plus you will learn all about why duct cleaning is so important an thereby how you can sell the duct cleaning service in your local market.
The training is arranged in Herning Denmark where we have the largest training facility which will ensure high valid and valued training. Herning Denmark have easy access to large international airports and please click on the attached file for help in planning your visit. (vedhæftet fil navngivet “travelplan for coming to Danduct”)
The duct cleaning training will be both practical and theoretical duct cleaning training.
The duct cleaning training can be arranged at the customer site after delivery of the equipment
The duct cleaning training can be a live kitchen grease cleaning using dry ice.
We have build a real size ventilation ducts system where all practical duct cleaning can be shown and tested.

The duration of the training is 3-days and the training is arranged exclusively for one customer at the time which will ensure that we can arrange the training so it exactly matches your company needs. Please book now on the “contact link

The training can also be arranged at our customer site after the delivery of the products. Please contact us for more details.

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