Book a meeting - using Zoom meeting

We at Danduct Clean is always ready to help our exciting and customers which is very good to do by a live Zoom video meeting. You book and choose date and time directly by our calendar.

The zoom live meeting can be used to give new customers a brief introduction to our complete start up training and a brief introduction to our duct cleaning equipment. The Zoom meeting can therefore
many times be the first meeting where all introduction questions can be clarified before the customers arrange the trip to Denmark for the complete start up duct cleaning training.

The Zoom meeting is also often used if our exiting customers is having a question to one of our products or if they need assistance with a duct cleaning projects. Then we would be more than happy to help and assist you. It is very important to notice that our service does not stop by the delivery of our products since the success of our customers is equal to our success.

The video meeting is with Zoom and we are using Calendly for directly online booking

If you donĀ“t have zoom, you can use this link for signup

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