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Ventilation Duct Cleaning equipment


TecCam for inspection vertical and small ducts

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Access doors

Access door/inspection doors

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Multi purpose robot

Multi Purpose Robot for cleaning small, medium and large ducts (Diameter 150-1200 mm)

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Inspection robot

Inspection robots for inspecting before, after and during cleaning

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Balloons and Accessories

Barrier Balloons for zoning up the ventilation ducts

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PD4 Duct cleaning machine for cleaning small ducts (Diameter 63 mm – 125 mm)

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DC4 Duct cleaning machine for cleaning medium ducts (Diameter 100 mm – 600 mm)

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DC5 Duct cleaning machine for cleaning medium ducts (Diameter 100 mm – 600 mm)

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Ventilator for suction during the cleaning

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    Why choose us

    Danduct Clean is the world leading supplier of duct cleaning equipment and are supplying air duct cleaning equipment all over the world. The Danduct clean ductclean equipment are developed exactly to ensure good and healthy ventilation hygiene and thereby ensure the buildings indoor air quality (IAQ) being as high as possible.

    The most effective way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems is to employ Source Removal Methods of cleaning. This requires professional duct cleaning equipment such as the Danduct Clean DC4 brush cleaning machine and duct cleaning robots like the multi purpose robot. The dirt and debris can then travel down the ducts to the ventilator, which removes it from the system.


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