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Danduct Clean supplies strong ventilators that can easily be moved from room to room - even stairs are no obstacle. Ventilator suction with build in HEPA filter



  • 2 models with airflow 4500 m3/h
  • Easy to clean and transport

With the new Danduct Clean VT4000 ventilator unit you have the perfect all-in-one solution to extract and filNegative air machinetrate all dust and debris from the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The mobile unit is equipped with a standard 16-mІ Hepafilter, which allows you to use it even in strict surroundings like a hospital.
For easy cleaning and to minimise downtime the filter unit is equipped with a rotorclean system, which will also extend the lifetime of the filter significantly.
For extra filtration a Hepa filter cassette can be installed.

For easy transport it can easily be taken apart and put in the back of a truck. The VT4000 is a very powerful ventilator with airflow of 4.500 mі/h. For easy operation it has a control panel with vacuum meter, am meter and on/off switches.

VT4001 vacuum and filterunit with a build-in and replaceable EU6 filter and a Hepa filter cassette. Modular build-up and low weight

VT1500, VT3000 and VT10000

  • 3 models with airflow varying from 2000-10000 m3/h
  • 2 ventilators can be combined resulting in an airflow of up to 20000 m3/h
  • Easy to move
  • Can be connectet to a 16 m2 HEPA filter

Choosing the right size of ventilator is a paramount issue in creating a sufficient negative airflow in the ducts. Test have been showing that 10 meter pr. second / 33 feet pr. second will transport the dust and most other particles to the filter.

The range of ventilators provides airflow from 2.000 - 10.000 m3/h and by connecting two ventilators together they can move as much as 20.000 m3/h.

The ventilators can be connected to a filter unit with 16 m2 HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is classified between H13 and H14 with a filtration of 99,97% of all particles down to 0,3 micron. The HEPA filter is mostly used in hospitals or other sensitive areas.

Technical Sepcifications


  VT4000 VT4001
Air flow: 4500 m3/h 4500 m3/h
- KW: 2,2 2,2
- Amp: 13,4 13,4
- Volts: 230 230
Filter: Replaceable 16m2 Hepa filter Replaceable EU6 filter + Hepa filter cassette
Filter efficiency: Hepa = 99,97% of all particles over 0,3 microns. EU6 = 65% of all particles over 0,5 microns.
Hepa = 99,97% of all particles over 0,3 microns
Vacuum unit    
- L x H x W: 850 x 1150 x 750 cm 850 x 1150 x 750 cm
- Weight: 118 kg 118 kg
Filter unit    
- L x H x W: 900 x 1610 x 750 cm 600 x 1150 x 750 cm
- Weight: 122 kg 52 kg
Hose size: 250 mm 250 mm
Noise: 68 DB 68 DB

VT1500, VT3000 and VT10000:

Type Power Amp HP Airflow
VT 1500 240 V / 50 Hz
110 V / 60 Hz
2000 m3/h
2000 m3/h
VT 3000 240 V / 50 Hz
400 V / 60 Hz
4500 m3/h
4500 m3/h
VT 10000 400 V / 50 Hz 17,5 10,0 10000 m3/h