the world leading supplier of air duct cleaning equipment

At Danduct Clean in Herning we are offering a complete training in the use of all our equipment and a commercial training which among other are including:

  • Calculation of projects
  • Choice of filtration
  • Effective inspections
  • Bacteria analysis
  • Cleaning methods and the effectiveness
  • How to avoid down-time
  • Use of related equipment (airflowmeters, dustmeters etc.)
  • Advertising - what to underline in the clients marketing
  • Information about associations and organisations

Our instructors have many years experience in the use of the equipment and a great part of the foundation for a successful training is the know-how returned to us from our many customers and distributors around the world. The duration of a complete training is approx. 2-3 days

Once a year our distributors are invited to a seminar in our training facilities to receive training and education about new cleaning technics, equipment and commercial activities like the creation of our newest version of a computer based calculation program.