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With a small investment you will have a great marketing

Not only to show your client the existing condition of the ductwork and components, but perhaps even more to see the result of your cleaning and to show your customer that you did an excellent job.

TecCam is an easy to use lightweight manual inspection tool that can reach up to 12 meter inside the ductwork, it weighs less than 2 Kg. The black & White camera head with infrared light is positioned at a flexible shaft that can pass numerous 90° bends. It fits through 42 mm openings and can manoeuvre through most turning vaves. The infrared light source provides exceptional illumination with reduced glare on the duct surface.
TecCam-lightweight-manual-inspection-ductwork-toolThere is no need for separate push rods, the single shaft design integrates the power and imaging cables within the flexible shaft. It is a very resistant tool, with a tough outer jacket, that helps protect the wires from damage. Also it has great adaptability and can be attached to most cleaning tools including duct brushes, whips and skippers.

The TecCam is delivered with a power supply and connection to a monitor. The image from the camera can be viewed on any monitor with an AV-connection.

For easy transport and to make it easy to carry, TecCam is delivered with a holder. Packing the equipment have never been easier, there are no large carrying cases. At the same time the TecCam is well protected in the holder during transport.

The Danduct Clean TecCam is a part of the extensive range of inspection and cleaning equipment that we offer to our customers.

Tecnical data for the Teccam:

Lenght of shaft: 12 meter
Camera: Black & White, Pal or Ntsc
Light: Infrared
Powersupply: 110 V or 220 V
Weight: 1,7 Kg