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Grease Ventilation Cleaning (Kitchen Extract Cleaning)

The dry ice machine has been developed from a wish to make cleaning equipment, which especially considers the industry's wish to reduce the follow costs by cleaning of machinery .

The advantage by dry ice cleaning is that it is a very efficient, but completely dry cleaning process, which does not leave any waste products.

The dry ice evaporates and therefor most often can be used for cleaning of machinery, without dismantling it.

Dryice machineCleaning with dryice blasting

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Most effective method for cleaning of greasy kitchen extract ducts.

Greasy kitchen extracts
Kitchen extract ducts have since long been recognised as a fire hazard. There have been countless fires over the yearsCleaning gresy kitchen ducts. The most significant reason for this is inadequate cleaning of the interior of extract ducts.

Every building with cooking facilities has a potential risk of fire that can not be overlooked. Contamination of areas remote from the hood are considered difficult to reach and therefor often not maintained.

The efficiency of an extract system is reduced when it is contaminated with grease, creating a very unpleasant working situation for the employees and increasing the energy consumption.Dryice robot
Insurance losses resulting from fires in kitchen extracts have risen rapidly. Several experts now recommend cleaning kitchen extracts every 6 months.

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