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Remote controlled vehicle for airduct cleaning.

Complete package with duct cleaning robot - multi purpose robot

duct cleaning robot – multi purpose robot




  •     Remote controlled by a joystick on the control box
  •     2 wide angel cameras - one forward and one backward
  •     10" color monitor with built in video recorder
  •     3 strong halogen lamps - adjustable light intensity from control box
  •     4 individual engines
  •     Remote controlled lift system
  •     Brush engine for rectangular air ducts, 3 brushes (220 / 320 / 420 mm)
  •     Brush engine for round air ducts, 3 brushes (400 / 700 / 1000 mm)
  •     Aluminium transportation box for robot and equipment
  •     Aluminium transportation box for monitor and accessories

Optional equipment

  •     Spraying lance and magnetic valve for coating
  •     Additional brushes
  •     Manual lift system
  •     Turbo vent air nozzle for compressed air

The only professional and effective way of cleaning rectangular ductwork is by using a remote controlled robot. The special designed brush system enables the robot to perform a 100% job in those difficult corners.

The Multi Purpose Robot comes with two cameras which always gives you a good sense of direction. Especially when performing coating, where there is no time to rotate a camera, you need the quick possibility to change view from front (to see the actual coating) to rear (to see where you are going).

A strong 4-wheel drive and the proportional control of each engine separately, makes the robot go into curves without having to block any of the engines. The robot easily carries a compressed air hose or a coating cable to a distance of 30 meters or more.

100 mm (rectangular ducts) and 400 to 1200 mm (round ducts). In most buildings the sizes of ductwork are changing frequently. With the remote controlled lift system you only have to push a button on the control panel to raise or lower the brushes to the required height.

Technical Specifications

  •     Chassis with 2 cameras and halogen lampsz
  •     Control box with joy-stick and light adjustment
  •     33 m cable
  •     Aluminium protection case for off-chassis inspections


Dimensions As inspection robot Robot low ducts Robot with lift arm
Length 303 mm 480 mm 760 mm
Width 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Heigth 145 mm 145 mm 145 mm
Weigth 10 kg 13 kg

21 kg

Video Clip

The video clip is showing the following:

  •     Insertion into duct
  •     Robot in dirty and clean ducts
  •     The control box
  •     Ducts as seen from the robots (the monitors) point of view

Click to view video clip of the Multi purpose robot in action (632kb). ........................