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Inspection and cleaning with the same tool.intelligent airnozzleair nozzle with camera

  •     Built in camera using infra red light
  •     20 meter of special air hose
  •     Controlbox (or use of control box from Danduct Clean inspection unit)
  •     Can clean ducts as small as 30 mm
  •     90o bends is no problem
  •     Can be mounted on the shaft from the DC4

Cleaning air ducts with an airnozzle has always been considered less effective compared to the use of rotating brushes, but with this new innovative intelligent airnozzle with a built-in camera, you can not only find your way through the ventilation systems, but also ensure that you can see and clean all spots and corners in the ductwork.

The extremely low-weight airnozzle has the ability to fly straight up inside vertical ducts and is easily controlled to perform cleaning exactly where you need it, whether it be the sides or the top of the duct.

The airnozzle will pull itself through the small ducts from as small as 30 mm in size and will pass tight 90є bends without any problem. The airnozzle can be connected to any standard compressor or nitrogen supply that provides 700 l/min or more at approx. 10 bars.

The black and white Picture from the camera is shown on a monitor with a built-in video recorder and the complete system can be connected to the control box of the Danduct Clean inspection unit.
To supply the best Picture the camera is using infra red light, which gives you the perfect Picture even deep inside the ductwork.

The airnozzle can also be mounted on the shaft of the Danduct Clean duct cleaner to provide a Picture of the cleaning with brushes and thus giving the advantage of being able to use a powerful combination of both air and brushes.

Technical Data
Intelligent airnozzle

  •     Weight: 57 gram
  •     Variable speed, settings from 630 - 1400 RPM
  •     Operation length: 20 m
  •     Smallest duct size: 30 mm

Video clip
The video clip is showing the following:

  •     Insertion into duct
  •     Robot in dirty and clean ducts
  •     The control box
  •     Ducts as seen from the robots (the monitors) point of view

Click to view the video clip of the Intelligent airnozzle (353kb). link..........