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Remote controlled vehicle for inspecting airducts before and after cleaningComplete inspection robot system

  •     Remote controlled by a joystick on the control box
  •     2 cameras - one forward and one backward
  •     14" color monitor with built in video recorder
  •     1 forward and 1 backward halogen lamp - adjustable light intensity from control box
  •     Protective case for off-robot camera use (for very small ducts)
  •     Aluminium transportation box
  •     Can be equipped with air nozzle for light cleaningDuct Inspection robot

The remote controlled Danduct Clean inspection robot has two cameras. One to let you see what's in front of you and one pointing backwards to get you as safely out as you came in.

While you are inspecting the ducts your customer or employees can follow the operation on the monitor, - and you can record everything on the built-in video recorder. After cleaning you can inspect and video tape the ducts again and show your customer a before and after video recording of the ducts.

The robot is operated from the control box by a joystick. The intensity of the halogen lamps on the robot is adjustable from the control box allowing you to adjust the light to the conditions as you go on.

For inspection of extra small ducts the camera can be dismantled from the chassis ( view Picture ) and mounted in a protective case, which again can be mounted on the 30m shaft from the Danduct Clean DC 4. An additional built in light on the camera gives a good view in ducts as small as 75x75mm. The camera can also be lowered into vertical ducts.

The inspection robot can be equipped with a air nozzle which can be positioned in any direction. The nozzle can be used for cleaning where there is little dust, and in insulated duct work.

The equipment comes in a strong aluminium box for easy and safe transport.


  • Chassis with 2 cameras and halogen lamps
  • Control box with joy-stick and light adjustment
  • 33 m cable
  • Aluminium protection case for off-chassis inspections
Dimensions Robot Box
Length 215 mm 585 mm
Width 190 mm 585 mm
Heigth 110 mm 410 mm
Weigth 3 kg 32 kg - full