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Danduct Clean inspection robot used by Cochrane Ventilation

Cleaning duct system in private houseIn Marts 1998 the owner of this elegant Georgian townhouse located in the heart of this Manhattan neighborhood contacted Danduct Clean to inquiry about a possible inspection and cleaning of the ductwork.
The owner suspected problems with the fiberglass duct liner as it has gone loose and was starting to cause problems in the air diffusers.

As Danduct Clean is exclusively a manufacturer we contacted a reliable contractor, who recently had bought our inspection vehicle and asked him if he would accept to continue the project.

Remidiation of the air handling system was performed by Cochrane Ventilation of Wilmington, Massachusetts. Cocrane is a national-recognized duct cleaning firm that specializes in the removal and renewal of duct liners. In addition to contracting services, the company provides IAQ assessments, consulting and training for commercial specifiers and owners.

Built at the turn of the century, this Manhattan townhouse has 6 floors and more than 30 rooms. Over the years air systems has been installed, all built into the walls and ceilings to preserve the original architecture.

Inspection of duct system in private houseOperating by remote control, Cochrane used a Danduct Clean inspection robot to assess duct condition before and after the remediation process

Paul Traynor of Cochrane Ventilation supervised the project. "From our standpoint, this job was relatively small but technically challenging. The access issues and degree of deterioration of the system were similar to large commercial buildings.

Inspection of duct system in private house"We found the fiberglass duct liner loose, shredded or missing from large areas of the duct interior, Though the liner was originally a coated product, it was damp and showed signs of microbial growth. The ductwork itself was corroded from the presence of water. Several components were inoperative and had to be removed."

The entire fiberglass in the system was then removed and new Armaflex Duct Liner was inserted.

Inspection of duct system in private house"When we showed the owner the results of the work by driving the inspection through the system, he was very pleased" said Traynor. " We pride ourselves on giving our clients a sound bases for continuing system hygiene. Being able to estimate the damages by showing the owner the pictures from inside the ducts with the use of an inspection robot from Danduct Clean and the Armaflex in place, both we and the owner know that any future problems that may result from inadequate design of the original duct system will be easy to rectify.