the world leading supplier of air duct cleaning equipment

Fresh Air, - we can't live without it !

Fresh air and clean air is not necessarily the same thing. But to many people it means the same and is taken for granted. In today's environment, however, being it your working environment or Mother Nature, fresh, clean air is not guaranteed and supplying just the same has become an important issue to all of us.

That was one of the reasons why Danduct Clean was founded in Herning, Denmark in 1980. Today Danduct Clean is one of the world's leading manufacturer of robotics and cleaning equipment and is a supplier to the duct cleaning industry worldwide.

It was not always that way. The legislation and Clean Air Acts in Denmark and the Scandinavian countries being the strongest and most powerful in the world in the 1980's was a constant demanding source for more efficient and innovative cleaning equipment. Cleaning duct work became an issue in commercial and residential buildings, in hospitals, schools, hotels and industrial buildings. Danduct Clean became a leading supplier of duct cleaning equipment in Denmark in those years.

In the late 1980's several duct cleaning jobs called for remote controlled equipment, and Danduct Clean started it’s research & development of robotics. The inspiration was not far away. Inspired by his son's remote controlled car, the founder of Danduct Clean Mr. Gunnar Christensen invented was has become the worlds number one robot for inspection and cleaning of air ducts. The philosophy then was the same as today: Innovative, high quality, simple in concept and easy to use. Mr. Christensen is still the driving force behind the constant efforts to improve cleaning methods and equipment in the company.

Today Danduct Clean offers a full line of professional duct cleaning equipment through its worldwide net of distributors and/or corporate sales offices. The US based sales office was established in 1997 after 8 year's growing sale to the US market.

We may not be able to deliver fresh air, - but we deliver some of the strongest tools in the world to ensure that you have the best chance to enjoy fresh air through clean and healthy ventilation systems.